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“I liked how every problem I had was solved and how I was helped through the process.”
– Meagan, 17
“My teen benefited from having a neutral party to converse with on personal issues, as well as being subjected to new questions for her to consider and contemplate.” 
– Carmen, parent
About Warrior Teen Coaching
Mary Lynne supports and guides teenagers as they work through 
The Day Dreamer’s Action Plan
Living the Teen Dream Goal Packet, and 
The Warrior Teenager.
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100% Online 
  • Meet face-to-face, virtually on a weekly basis
  • 1-2x/week
  • Personal & Individualized Coaching
  • Text support

  • Decrease stress, distractions, and anxiety 
  • Have a life plan and direction
  • Increase self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Understand what is creating the blocks and barriers
  • Learn strategies to cope with day-to-day teen drama
How it works:
  • Click the link above.
  • You will be taken to Mary Lynne’s calendar to set up a time to talk on the phone so she can learn more about your teenager and you can learn more about her and her Teen Coaching program. 
  • Once you choose a day and time to meet on the phone, you will fill out an online information form to help Mary Lynne learn more about your teenager and your situation.
  • That’s it! It’s that simple. She will talk with you soon!
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“It was easy to talk to Mary Lynne. She helped me to discover what my true happiness is.”
– Kata, 15
“My 3 teenage boys were very responsive to the themes of creating goals an steps necessary to achieve them. In our case, enabling our kids to start thinking about their futures (and present) allowed them to become more mature and they began to advocate for themselves.”
– Linda, parent
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Perfect Timing

The teenage years can be challenging. With guidance and support, teens can positively maneuver their way through the middle and high school years with confidence.
True Power

True Power comes from the heart. It's your personal guidance system. Teenagers learn to tap into their True power and empower themselves through life's ups and downs.
Right Target

Practical tools and techniques are shared with teens so they can develop life skills and positive habits that will last beyond the teen years. 
Mary Lynne Fernandez is a successful keynote speaker, transformation life coach, trainer, and author of The Warrior Teenager

She brings forth over 14 years of enthusiastic expertise in the field of coaching young adults. She has passionately served tweens, teens, and their parents as a middle school teacher and as a life coach. 

To every client, Mary Lynne brings forth fairness, humility, and gratitude. Her kind and honest style of speaking and coaching have earned her immense respect and love in her community.

Mary Lynne Fernandez struggled during her teenage years like so many teens do today. She overcame the struggle and teaches others to do the same so they can become a Warrior Teenager. 

Today she is respected as a powerhouse “Teen-Esteem Expert.” When it comes to connecting with teenagers, Mary Lynne is a real natural

As your teenager’s personal guide, she shares her knowledge, experience, and wisdom with them, connecting through real-life happenings. 
About the Mary Lynne Fernandez
Get them the support 
they need!
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“Mary Lynne helped me see myself for who I really am. She helped me improve my self-esteem. Thank you!
– Maggie, 16
It was helpful to have someone for my son to talk to and guide him through some personal stuff. 
– Lisa, parent
This is not for your teenager if they:
  • Are too busy to meet weekly
  • Have to depend on their parents to set up a weekly time to meet
  • Not willing to take responsibility for themselves
  • Not committed 100%
Mary Lynne only works with teenagers who are:
  • 100% committed
  • Want support and guidance
  • Willing to do the work needed
  • Will show up each week
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Why is Mary Lynne so picky about who she works with?

– Because it’s not worth wasting your money, your teenager’s time, nor Mary Lynne’s time!

– If you aren’t committed to your life happiness and success, then who is?
Get them the support 
they need!
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